About Me

My earthly name is Angela Mia White.

I am called a Master Teacher of New Earth because I teach the Masters of New Earth. I am an author of two books – so far, I am a speaker about the new world -5d-new earth, and I am a cosmic shaman – I travel dimensions with my team to help you heal.

Right now I teach in 3 private groups on Facebook. If you know or suspect that you are a master, resonate with what I say on my website and are interested and ready to value yourself, you can find more on my groups ‘n’ info how to join.

Wanna know how I got here?

  • 2012 there was a biggg galactic alignment, (that at the time I had no idea about.) *2012 is when one of the Mayan calendars was said to end on 12/21/12. I had no idea about any of it and had no idea how this would completely affect me. It did – hugely. You can read more below about 2012. Did something happen to you in 2012?
  • In June of 2012 my body started to slow down, so much that through the few months following, I could no longer walk or talk very much and it was even hard to think straight. My body started to physically die. (with no explanation from any old earth doctors I went to.) My old self was dying. My systems in my body were shutting down. I had no idea what was happening. – it was due to ascension.  Did you go through ascension symptoms? or are you still going through ascension symptoms?
  • I had to learn to heal myself with herbs, water, fruit, fresh squeezed juices, vegetables, sunshine, drawing, mantras n more. (With the help of my husband Gary, my children, my friends ‘n’ family, Dr. Morse, Dr. Arora and everything else I did, I survived. You can read about this in my first book. I was directed to write this book by my guides. I never thought in a million years I would be an author.
  • I met and work with Archangel Metatron ‘n’ Archangel Michael. (Yes they are real, Met is my buddy ‘n’ is the best guide ‘n’ Mikey’s sword is heavy. Truly.) I was also introduced to Faeries and “gnomes” (they are little people) almost like elves. (yes they are real too) as well as John of God, Isis, ‘n’ Kuan Yin whom I work with.
  • It’s now 2020 and I help people break free from old Earth, their old selves, because that’s what it takes.
  • I do many things in New Earth. You can look at my services or watch my videos to know who I am.
*a lil more about 2012.
It was the end of the old world as we knew it. Old Earth ended. It was the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
The age of Pisces was ending and the age of Aquarius was beginning. (many were afraid that the world itself was ending. It was and it did end, but not in the way it was portrayed and that most people thought.)


Angela Mia White

This beautiful poem was written about me a few years ago from one of my beautiful soul brothers Michael Yoffe-Ahava. I love you Michael. Thank you for your continued love for yourself, me, and the planet.

You walked for years blindfolded,
Not knowing who you are …
By listening to others you never watched the stars…
You felt yourself neglected and almost lost your way,
But all that simply ended on one casual day…
Your body has betrayed you,
You couldn’t walk nor run…
You couldn’t even sit straight and nothing brought you fun..
Surrounded by your loved ones,
you’re totally alone,
Still living but the feeling was that you’re in a grave of stone…
Then voices came from nowhere, you felt the warmth of light,
Angelic realm has answered your never ending plight…
While clearing and detoxing you’ve learned of who you are,
While learning how to walk again you’ve started seeing stars.
With every step you’re making, your hearing getting clear,
You understood that Angels were always very near…
You learned to smile through sorrow and open up your heart,
With each and every day that came, you had a fresh new start…
Today again you’re walking, and you can even run,
You hug the trees while giving
your thanking to the sun…
You’ve learned to love the water, the keeper of our life, never in process ceasing to be Mother and wife…
Today you share your wisdom, you love and shine your light…
You keep on showing others importance of the night..
How to accept the new day with gratitude and love, and always look with reverence towards the sky above…
To cherish every footstep, while thanking every breath,
And when you walk you path of truth there is no fear of death…
With every day that passes you’re stronger in your light,
You share it in abundance remembering your plight…
You’re noticing the changes when wind touches your hair,
Your love towards our Mother,
Your knowledge of what’s fair…
Your garments keep on changing,
On path of golden light,
I love, respect and honor you Angela Mia White.
-Michael Yoffe-Ahava

Support the John Lubega Community!

“Best regards Maama Mia. The name given to you by the children you care. Mrs.Angela Mia White, Taata Gary White, your entire family, all LOVES that have stood for us since our cry for help on face. May the creator of heaven and earth bless you abundantly. The fees you send are shared appropriately to many children. Cause of the need. Not to one child alone. Food is bought, clothing, shoes, blankets etc. Among the best, we are soon to have a home. All of this care has been on a rented place. The plastering, water and electricity installation we lack will mean children entering their home from which we will construct the hall for electronics skills training for the school drop outs and street children and servicing since all of this is done at a place of rent. We have enough space of land to put all of this. Dear brothers and sisters, Loves, your hand is most welcome. We do appreciate a lot from you loves who are and all willing to help us. Thank you so much.” – John Lubega