It's Okay To Suck At Things - I Suck At Everything


Let me tell you what I suck at:  This is going to be my first blog video, I’m going to tell you what I suck at because there’s so much pressure on being good at everything, or being good at even something so let me help you relieve a little bit of pressure.

You don’t have to be good at everything, the internet shows us so much of somebody making an apple pie or, climbing up a mountain with 80 lbs on their back while fighting off a bear.  You don’t have to be like that.

People that are good at everything are secretly hated, people don’t like people like that because people want to be like that but it’s such a farse, it’s such a program to be good at everything and when you can say “let me tell you what I’m good at” and be okay with that it’s such a freedom that you’ve never felt before to go “oh wait, I can say that, and still be okay with that, and with people, and society?”  Yeah you can and you’ll feel so much better.

The Strawberry Full Moon

So yeah, this is the Strawberry Full Moon to old earth people. To old earth people, they’ll stay in the strawberry moon and it’ll just be whatever that is, to new earth people and people that listen to my messages this is a comedic full moon, this is a comedic moon that is bringing out timing, content, and delivery and I’m not just talking about comedy, I’m just talking about what the energies are and I know I have all of that in my messages. 

That’s just what I am, I’m just a messenger, but you know what I suck at, alot of things and I’m okay to say that I suck at a lot of things so I suck at driving, I suck at driving into big cities, I suck at making spring rolls as you might have seen, I suck at relationships, I suck at friendships, I suck at taking care of plants, I suck at alot of different things in my life. 

But there are a lot of other different places in my life where I excel and where I excel is in my messages, in helping people and helping people to love themselves even when they suck at shit, even when they are feeling down about themselves I help them put themselves first in their lives, and I help them love themselves, find peace within, standing in the power of their truth, and understanding that they are the abundance of their life.  

I’m A Master Teacher Of The New Earth

I’m a Master Teacher of the new earth but, that is also a message.  It’s just a message, I’m a messenger.  But I suck at stuff guys, it’s okay to say what you suck at so if you can post a comment down here to say what you suck at, post what you suck at, you’ll feel so much better.  So, this is, I don’t know if my blog post is going to be called Another thing that I suck at and I’m kinda okay about but it could change in 10 min.  It probably will.  But it’s okay. 

So understand guys, we suck at stuff, and if you can be positive, and have positive connotation on a negative thing, it’s not positivity it’s just being okay with sucking at shit cause we do.  There are things we need other peoples help for on the planet and if you can get that down and if you can say what you suck at as well as what you excel at, and if you dont know what you excel at don’t worry, it will come just know what you suck at first.  I dont look at things as failure though, and I think everything is learning and I dont put failure in my vocabulary unless I’m talking about it this way.  

So What’s The Full Moon About

So if you want to know what the full moon is about, this is what the full moon is about.  It’s about comedy and theres something in there , there’s a sentance that I can hear but, I dont know exactly what it is yet but, when I know what it is I’ll let you guys know.  

But just be okay with sucking at things and be okay with being seen as sucking at things.  It’s okay.  We’re all here learning we’re all learning that everything that we’re doing, we’re learning, we’ve never been here before in this moment, at this time, ever. 

Give Yourself A Break & Admit What You Suck At

So give yourself a break and allow yourself to say this is what I suck at and I really suck at this, this is really really what I suck at and what I need help with and when you do that it’s a mature way to put a positive connotation on a negative thing that other people run away and hide with. I  Just come out with it, I suck at it.  Just say that “I suck at it” and you’ll feel much better.

Have a great day.