4/21/4 – no mo school

So weird. Finding out that Cody has no more school in his senior year. Blows my mind. I cried. Alot. It was good. Lol.

4/21/4 old life

Your old life is not gonna look a thing like your new one.

Not a thing.

Need help? Lemme kno.

4/21/4 Everytime…

Everytime we go deeper in consciousness, there is something to get stuck on…

Don’t get stuck love.


???????… n Smile

4/21/4 – Triggers

Triggers show where there is lack of connection with oneself. Where we need to heal. – takes guts to go there. Gut Guts. – yours truly, angimia


2/28/4  they are losing control. We are breaking it all open with our non submission to the control. Mind control, thought control, body control, soul control.  We are breaking thru it all.