The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age

Activation, Validation, and Confirmation of New Earth

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook

The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age makes you feel as if you’re entering a new world because you are. It holds a high vibration for your soul and new earth, and you’ll feel it. It’s come at this time to change the energy on the planet. I share how this planet has been shifting rapidly into a new consciousness. This is the passageway to enter a new era, the golden age. The ways of old earth no longer work. As humans, we must leave the old ways behind and learn to live in and dance with the new energies into the new ways. We need to learn to heal ourselves for good. We need to learn to love ourselves, have peace within, stand in the power of our own truth, and accept we are the abundance of our own life. We have come out of the dark ages, and we are entering a new age of light, the golden age, and now recently, the golden age of Aquarius. The Power of Your Truth in the Golden Age will activate you, confirm to you why you are here, and validate your experiences.

From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God

Available in Hardcover or Kindle/eBook

This book is about you. It was channeled through me, but it is ultimately about you and it can change your life! Through my journey, I learned that the body can heal itself, that life is complex yet simple, and that there are many spiritual surprises once you go within; some you would never think are possible. I was directed by The Angels to write this book about my two-year journey of my progressive illness that was unnamable and undiagnosed. I couldn’t walk, I could hardly talk, and could barely think straight. I learned to heal myself through many different modalities. Reading this book can change your life! I learned about our mind, body, and soul and how they are one as we are one; there is no separation.  If international, you may want to purchase my eBook!