Birthing/Spiritual Surgery

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Birthing/Spiritual Surgery



This is an incredible spiritual process with my “team” and I working with you on your energetic body and your chakra system to clear you of what may be hindering you in this life, from past lives. You may need this service if you are transitioning from 3D to 5D. Part of this process is an having an encounter with my guides, that I voice record for you of what I see happening to your energetic body. I see it all. There is a lot that happens in very little time. I speak to many light beings that assist in this process as I record what I see, feel, hear and experience. You can read the testimonials! It frees you like nothing else. It is about a 2 hr process. If you are not sure if this is what you need, you can ask your guides or me one of us will know.

*Please know that I have been directed to tell you that there are two parts to this particular service. The first part is the oracle reading. This is where you download your new energy and meet up with me, my guides and my teaching. The second part is the trance surgery part. it is not as long, you need to take full responsibility for it and it is free. This is a 2 hour birthing/spiritual surgery. session.

***I will not be performing Birthing/Spiritual Surgeries during Mercury Retrograde May 29th to June 22nd***

2 reviews for Birthing/Spiritual Surgery

  1. Deedee

    Angela mia white is amazing i had surgery with this amazing beautilful kind soul. I cant even exsplaine just how amazing just how amazing my surgery was with Angela o my goodness shes so amazing blessed with beautilful gifts to help beautilful souls I recommend anyone who is suffering and needs a soul surgery to please see Angela mia white she can help tremendously her servcies will blow your mind you will feel bran new. I thank you Angela for all you do. Your very special to me I trust you with all my soul. Love you so much❤❤


      I lovveee youu deedee!!! Its was an honor and a privelege to be part of your healing journey!! You golden encrusted heart full of jewels you!!

  2. Sarah Lauren Dal Balcon

    I had an epic surgery with Angela a while back! The oracle reading we did first really got under some stuff with my inner child. It was so moving. After the surgery the inside of my abdomen felt so sore like someone had wrung out my intestines or something. Then I had the most wretched bowel movement I’ve ever had or at least in my top three of worst ever. It smelled like something dead, like dead carcass. I shit you not. I was gagging a lot. I have a history of Crohn’s disease so that might make more sense of this all for whoever is reading this. I couldn’t do a whole lot but rest that night and the next day.
    When I finally listened to her recording of what she saw happen when her team/guides got into my energy body during the surgery it went along with what I had been feeling and going through after the surgery. Angela was describing to me in the recording that at one point I was on a table and my abdomen was being opened like in a real physical surgery. I looked like I was dead or dying. I think it was John of God who was taking my insides out and there were flies buzzing around and it looked putrid and rotten. John then took my intestines and wrung them out, got all that yucky stuff out and then put me back together again. Then I was in a wheelchair and taken to a hospital bed to rest after the surgery. Various guides showed up and other things happened.
    How parallel is that with my physical state after the surgery? How well does that tie in with the fact that I’ve had a history of Crohn’s disease?! Two days later my wife and I were offered $10,000 from an investor to help us start our business. We had been working so hard to find that money and it came to us so quickly after this surgery. These spiritual surgeries are fucking real. I encourage anyone who is feeling like they need this healing to do it. You will love working with Angela. She’s a gem and she’s the real deal.
    Thank you Angie! ???

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