Birthing/Spiritual Surgery

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Birthing/Spiritual Surgery



This is an incredible spiritual process with my “team” and I working with you on your energetic body and your chakra system to clear you of what may be hindering you in this life, from past lives. You may need this service if you are transitioning from 3D to 5D. Part of this process is an having an encounter with my guides, that I voice record for you of what I see happening to your energetic body. I see it all. There is a lot that happens in very little time. I speak to many light beings that assist in this process as I record what I see, feel, hear and experience. You can read the testimonials! It frees you like nothing else. It is about a 2 hr process. If you are not sure if this is what you need, you can ask your guides or me one of us will know.

*Please know that I have been directed to tell you that there are two parts to this particular service. The first part is the oracle reading. This is where you download your new energy and meet up with me, my guides and my teaching. The second part is the trance surgery part. it is not as long, you need to take full responsibility for it and it is free. This is a 2 hour birthing/spiritual surgery. session.

1 review for Birthing/Spiritual Surgery

  1. Deedee

    Angela mia white is amazing i had surgery with this amazing beautilful kind soul. I cant even exsplaine just how amazing just how amazing my surgery was with Angela o my goodness shes so amazing blessed with beautilful gifts to help beautilful souls I recommend anyone who is suffering and needs a soul surgery to please see Angela mia white she can help tremendously her servcies will blow your mind you will feel bran new. I thank you Angela for all you do. Your very special to me I trust you with all my soul. Love you so much❤❤


      I lovveee youu deedee!!! Its was an honor and a privelege to be part of your healing journey!! You golden encrusted heart full of jewels you!!

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