Healing With Your Inner Child – New Clients


Healing With Your Inner Child



Do you realize that when you are triggered it is your inner child that comes to the surface and wants to speak? They are saying I am hurt, I am afraid, I need your help. They want to finally be listened to, paid attention to, taken care of properly, loved and nurtured.

Most people have gone through some kind of trauma in their life that they need to heal from. Your connection to your inner child is key to this healing.

This connection is highly important because as you come together with your inner child you heal your adult self and you are able to take 100% responsibility for your life.

I facilitate this meeting with you and your inner child. I help you find out where they are, how they feel, what you may not have known (in some cases) what they know about and feel about you now as an adult and more. I find out if they want to talk with you, if they want to have a relationship with you. If they recognize you. If they know you. You would be surprised how many inner children don’t know their adult selves and frankly don’t want to because they have been forgotten about. They are inner children. They can act like it and in some cases, they can act like they are the adult taking care of you. Like a small child hugging their mom or dad when they see that they are crying or upset. I have seen many inner children go to and comfort their adult self. You may think you know your inner child; you would be surprised what comes out of them.

It is a relationship that is like no other, that takes time and patience.

This is a chance for you to get to truly know them and start to give them what they’ve needed and still need now today.

Sometimes you will even feel it physically when you come together with your inner child. It will feel like heaven. Like a piece of you is back together again and yes you may laugh n cry. It is a connection with yourself and release that is like no other that is needed for your healing.

No matter how hurt or upset they are, they are waiting for you. You are their guardian Angel now. They are waiting for you to come get them, to make contact with them, love them and take care of them.

You are the only one they want. You are the only one that will suffice. That is why this relationship/meeting is imperative.

They will finally feel loved and nurtured the way they needed. This is them calling to you. This is your opportunity to heal you both.


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