Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval



This is something new that has evolved in me being a shaman. This is a brand new service that I am to provide you with. There’s so much that can happen, it’s hard to describe. We will speak first on video before we begin the journeying part. We will discuss who you feel that has a part of your soul and why you are being led to this service.

After this, I will be going into a trance and you will go in a meditation. I will be calling forth your soul, and theirs. From that point on… the magic happens. It will take abt 15 mins. I need your permission to voice record it also. I know that this is sacred to you, as it is sacred to me. My team of guides will be a part of this process. I do nothing without them.

As always, you need to take 100% responsibility for your life and your journey and give me permission to do this with and for you. This has already been contracted with whoever it is, so my guides tell me that it has already been established that this would happen. Calling these souls forth is part of your journey and theirs. Everyone involved heals. This process is about an hour and 30 mins. long.

***I perform Soul Retrievals on a case-by-case basis during Mercury Retrograde May 29th to June 22nd. Please contact me to inquire prior to purchasing the service.***


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