Spiritual Guidance – New Clients- 1 Hour Session

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Spiritual Guidance – 1 Hour Session



Are you ready for your abundance? Are you ready to know yourself even more? To love yourself into your higher self? Clarity is of the utmost importance in this ascension journey. It is essential for you to know where you are truly at in your consciousness. Most people, don’t really know and that can be detrimental to yourself and your life. That “unknown” subconscious programming from old earth is going out to the consciousness without you even knowing. This is where I come in to help you uncover these things. When you can be completely honest with yourself it shifts things in your world drastically. You are bringing consciousness to yourself and your life. I will help you uncover things that you have skimmed over, that you thought not important in your life and that you may have swept under the rug for safe keeping, for another day, another time. THE TIME IS NOW! I will help you unbury things that you don’t know are there and help you move into the next phase of your life! This is a 1 hour session.

1 review for Spiritual Guidance – New Clients- 1 Hour Session

  1. Krystal Kamback

    Angela has helped me step into my power. I am a pillar in my community with much thanks to her. I highly recommend sessions with her.

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